Bridlewood Tennis Club is a community tennis club. As a permit holder, we have the permission and share in the responsibility of caring for the recreational tennis facility, as granted by the City of Toronto's Economic Development, Culture & Tourism department. The Parks, Forestry, and Recreation division is our main point of contact. We are also affiliated directly with the Scarborough Tennis Federation (STF) and also a member club of the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA).

Our courts were resurfaced in 2016. We have three beautifully painted and evenly level outdoor courts.

Please browse through our site and observe what we have to offer. If you haven't already joined, consider becoming a member today!


Though the courts are a public facility, a new (since 2005) city-wide policy allows all clubs to have a permit granting exclusive use from:

8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Monday to Friday; and

8:00 AM - 11:00 PM on weekends and holidays;

... except for a total of six (6) hours of Public Time per week: 2 pm to 5 pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

These normal playing hours (and on occasion public time) are precluded by adult and junior programs such as league, tournament and social events. As indicated, the majority of any given day during our "permit" period (April 1 - October 31) is assigned for member usage.  A maximum of six (6) hours is granted for non-member (public) use. 

Hence non-members have two choices for playing on our courts outside of public hours:

1) Join the club, where membership offers benefits that last up to 7 months ; or

2) Pay-as-you-go with a fee that simply buys playing time just for a one-day access with very little benefits (fee receipts can be used to reduce charges if a pay-as-you-go player decides to get a full membership)

Your membership or (non-member/guest) fees provide access to our facility, various tennis programs, and the chance to meet and develop relationships with other new and existing members. On the business-side of this relationship, your membership fee provides the funding to maintain and improve our facility, strengthens our community and it helps inform our local, provincial and federal governing bodies (for tennis), of the level of participation in our sport. See more details in the "Membership" page of our site.